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       Choosing to trust Toilettage Pooch Mobile grooming service to care for your dog has many advantages. The first and most obvious is that we come to you! We can come to your home if you'd like or perhaps to your work place. We can meet you at the local shopping mall or virtually anywhere else you choose within our service areas. Give us a place and a time and we'll be there!

  As for the not so obvious, we think that you'll be amazed how well your pooch will likely respond to our calm and gentle 21 step grooming experience. Your dog will benefit from our undivided, constant care and attention without being distracted or made to feel anxious by other dogs. A calm and relaxed dog is much easier to groom and far less likely to suffer a grooming-related injury than is an anxious or  fearful dog.  As such, we've made it our business to find ways to make their time with us as non-threatening, safe and pleasant as we can. Here are a few points that we think will  help set your mind at ease and make your choice easier  when it comes to choosing a grooming service to keep your dog happy, healthy, looking and feeling  great!



        ~ Only trained, qualified and experienced technicians       ~ Electronic record database complete with photos to ensure

             will  care for your dog (no exceptions)                                      pet safety and consistent grooming results every time

        ~ No cages or cage dryers are used                                            ~ Calming noise reducing head wraps used when blow drying

        ~ Biodegradable all natural shampoo & conditioners        ~ No treats are ever given unless provided by  you

        ~ No sedatives ever used                                                               ~ A complimentary tooth brush every visit

        ~ Sound insulated none heated HV blow-dryers                ~ Hydroblast fresh water deep cleansing bathing system

        ~ Freshly laundered towels & shammy’s for each dog       ~ No hemostats or tweezers used for ear care

        ~ Tub & work station sanitized between each dog               ~ We practice calming aroma therapy

        ~ All contact tools are sanitized between each dog              ~ Secure 600 lbs capacity  hydraulic lift table

        ~ Ultraviolet light tool sterilization cabinet                            ~ Easy access ramp for our older four legged friends

        ~ We provide a written grooming session report                 ~ We e-mail appointment conformation and reminders      



   We take great pride in the quality of care and workmanship that we offer our clients, so much so that we guarantee your satisfaction.  If  for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the service that we provide, we will do what it takes to change that or you simply don't pay.

   Ultimate convenience, quality professional care, all backed by a satisfaction guarantee is what we are proud to offer all of our valued customers.

      Our custom-made mobile unit provides an excellent environment for grooming in a safe, thorough yet timely manner with as little stress as possible for both you and your dog, all while remaining  competitively priced. Our unit  is totally independent, complete with 70 gallons of heated FRESH water (not recycled), its own electrical supply, it is well insulated, heated and  air-conditioned providing optimal comfort regardless of the external temperature in any season.

       Our approach to the way we do business is simple: offer people what they want!

   With today's active lifestyle, people are busier than ever. We understand that people love their dogs and want them well taken care of. We also understand the value of a dollar and that today's consumer demands real value for that dollar.


     We invite you to try our service and pamper your pooch with the Pooch Mobile grooming experience.

We think you'll  both  be glad you did!



                   What should you do if your dog has been sprayed by a skunk?

    First off, skunk spray is toxic and can cause chemical burns to the eye, nose, and mouth  areas of your dog. Be sure to provide plenty of drinking water to help dilute any skunk oil that was absorbed orally,  and irrigate affected eye and nose area  with sterile saline eye wash solution or water without delay. When possible keep your dog outdoors to avoid having that offensive skunk oil tracked through your home. Give us a call,  we will do our best to make ourselves available to help or you could do the job yourself by following these steps.

     Put on some old clothing and a pair of latex or dish washing gloves. Do not wash your dog at this time! It will only spread the oil out making matters worse.

     Start by inspecting your dog, it should be quite obvious where the bulk of the oily spray has made contact. Blot the affected area with a generous amount of paper towel or an absorbent sponge to soak up as much of the oil as possible.

     Next, spot treat all affected areas by saturating the fur with ample solution mixed at the rate of-

1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide

1/4 cup of baking soda

1 tsp. liquid dish soap.


         CAUTION!   Do not get solution in eyes, nose , mouth, or open wounds.

       Can cause blindness


     Allow  solution to stand on coat for no longer than 5 minutes.  Thoroughly rinse with fresh water. If necessary, repeat the process until odour dissipates before towelling dry using an old towel.

     If you don't have fresh 3% hydrogen peroxide you can flush the affected areas with a mixture of -     2 l.  white vinegar and 1 l. water

Do not get vinegar in eyes!

     Wash the affected area with a de-skunking shampoo, (liquid dish soap will do in a pinch) and rinse.

     Bathe the entire dog with de-skunking shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

    Apply an enzyme-based, pet-friendly, skunk odour neutralizing  product such as Nature's Miracle skunk odour remover  to help neutralize the residual odour.


     Contact your veterinarian if signs of irritation persist.


     Ticks can transmit some harmful and potentially fatal diseases to pets so it's important for all pet owners to understand how to prevent tick bites as well as how to safely remove them if need be. Ticks tend to hide out in tall grass and wooded areas, so it's particularly important to inspect a dog's coat for any unwanted passengers following a camping trip or a walk in the woods. Many options exist to help deter ticks from biting. Your veterinarian can prescribe a number of different treatments that are highly effective. You can purchase a flea and tick collar over the counter, and several essential oils,  such as Rose Geranium oil,  are an effective yet natural tick deterrent option, though they must be applied daily.  Whatever option you choose it's always  a good idea to visually inspect your dog following any excursion where exposure to ticks is elevated.

     If you discover a tick on your dog it should be removed as soon as possible. Special tick tweezers are available that facilitate the removal process . The tweezers should be placed facing the head as close to the skin as possible. Apply enough pressure to firmly grasp the tick but take care not to crush it. Gently pull straight back maintaining a constant pressure and wait for the tick to release its bite. Place the tick into a zip-lock bag and keep it to show your Veterinarian should the need arise. Disinfect and apply an ointment such as Bactin or Polysporin to the bite to help prevent infection.

Video showing the traditional tick removal method using tweezers as described above..

Video showing tick removal using the revolutionary  Trix Lasso tool.

     *Available from Toilettage Pooch Mobile.


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